Take a peek at our first book, published by Schiffer Publishing ~
Colorful Tablecloths 1930s - 1960s ~ Threads of the Past
Colorful Tablecloths 1930s to 1960s - Threads of the Past Thousands of tablecloth manufacturers from the 1930s to early 1960s produced countless styles of popular printed tablecloths in various colors, fabrics, and themes. This book identifies not only who produced your favorite tablecloths, but when they were made. Showcased in over 450 stunning photographs are colorful floral designs, nostalgic fruit and vegetable themes, conversational motifs, and eye-catching geometrics. Measurements and current values are provided in the captions, while a must-read section covers proper cleaning and storage techniques that will add decades to the life of your textiles. A wonderful resource for interior designers, antique dealers, and textile collectors.

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I am proud to announce our latest book, published by Schiffer Publishing ~
Colorful Vintage Kitchen Towels
Colorful Vintage Kitchen Towels We hate to name drop, but this beautiful book features the top manufacturers and designers of kitchen towels from the 1930s to the 1960s! From the delightful fruit and floral patterns of Wilendur, Startex, and Martex, to the wonderful whimsical designs of Broderie, Bucilla, and JS&S, a visual feast of color and design is presented here.

Vintage towels are small art canvases ~ easily afforded, easily cleaned and easily displayed. Hundreds of different designs can be collected in a small space and at minimal cost. It is no wonder, then, that their popularity has risen in recent years to make them one of the hottest textile collectibles! Called by various names ~ tea towels, dish towels, kitchen towels, utility towels, bar towels, work towels, and hand towels ~ these irresistible charmers are showcased here in over 580 color photos. Previously unpublished information about some of the era's top-name textile artists is featured in a special designer section and a must-read cleaning and storage chapter provides tips that will add decades to the lives of vintage textiles. Measurements, current values, a helpful glossary, and manufacturers list are all included.

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